Seeds Covers World Hunger

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Photo by Tom Peterson
Gary Gunderson and Andy Loving wanted to call attention to world hunger.

Six years ago Gary Gunderson and Andy Loving set up shop in Decatur, Georgia’s Oakhurst Baptist Church and put together the first issue of a newsletter devoted to calling attention to the problem of world hunger. Since then, Seeds [now Seeds Publishers] has grown into a bi-monthly magazine, which informs its 3,300 subscribers about the plight of under- and malnourished people in rural and inner city areas of America and in other countries.

The goal of the publication — which recently won a World Hunger Media Award for an edition that underscored the role of women in feeding the earth’s people — has been to present information that could lead to practical solutions. Articles have featured such topics as how to start food co-ops and how to promote political action on the local and national levels (indeed, the magazine keeps a close watch on how our country’s legislators vote on hunger-related issues).

Today, the journal’s staff numbers six. Its costs are paid by a $9,000 annual allowance from the church, a sideline typesetting business, individual contributions, and $10-per-year subscriptions. But the creators of Seeds ask more than money from their readers. “We’re trying to plant seeds in people’s minds and hearts,” says Andy. “Hunger,” adds Gary, “is caused by what people do to people, and not just by what nature does to people.”