Travel Memories

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Running children invited us to dance.

On the pages reserved for reports concerning MOTHER EARTH NEWS’ tours, we usually try to show you scenes of the exotic places that the trips can take you and tell you about a few of the things these exciting expeditions have taught us. But this time, for a change of pace, we decided to share travel memories–some glimpses of the trips abroad that our intrepid adventurers have taken in the past.

And–of course–you can add to your treasury of memories by joining any of our 1982 travel offerings: “In Search of the Yeti and the Snow Leopard,” a trek into Nepal’s remote Arun Valley that lies between the first (Everest) and third (Kanchenjunga) highest mountains in the world (January 25 to February 17, 1982; cost, $2,920; deposit, $300) … “A Solar Tour to Israel,” our third look at this country’s ever-growing advances in alternative energy fields, as well as its renowned historical and biblical landmarks (February 18 to March 2, 1982; cost, $1,495; deposit, $200) … “A Visit to Findhorn and Friends,” a journey to an influential “planetary community” in northeastern Scotland, along with a stay on the wind-washed Hebridean islands of Erraid and lona on the Scottish west coast (May 20 to June 6, 1982; cost, $1,600; deposit, $200) … “A Wild Plant Walk in the Alps,” bringing you the best in Swiss and Austrian Alpine scenery, with Amsterdam’s once-in-a-decade flower show thrown in for good measure (June 11 to 26, 1982; cost, $1,770; deposit, 200 … “A Raft Trip on the Tatshenshini,” a true wilderness adventure on one of Alaska’s most spectacular rivers (August 15 to 26, 1982; cost, $1.490; deposit, $250) … and “Biking China,” a 21-day bicycle trip through the Yangtze Valley in the People’s Republic of China (October 1982; cost, under $3,000; deposit, $300).