Let Us Help You Organize a Community Seed Swap

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Want to organize a seed and plant swap event for your community? MOTHER EARTH NEWS will help! If you send us an announcement about your event at least three weeks in advance, along with a list of your local ZIP codes, we will relay the announcement to other MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers living in your area.

What You Need to Do

Email OrganicGardening@MotherEarthNews.com with the subject line COMMUNITY SEED SWAP, and include the following information:

1. Event Date and Time

2. Event Location

If you like, you may include a link to an online map.

3. Event Organizer’s Name and Contact Information

Note: This contact information will be included in the email announcement that we send out.

4. List of ZIP Codes

Check your local phone book or the USPS ZIP code finder to find the ones you’d like us to send the announcement to.

5. Announcement Text

If you or your organization has a website with more information about this event, you might want to include a link.

Resources to Help With Your Swap

Need Help? Call 1-800-234-3368