Photo of the Week: Spring Feeding

Reader Contribution by Brenna Long
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Beak open wide, this little bird can’t wait until mom comes back with some tasty food. Still surrounded by a few blue eggs, this little robin might have more brothers and sisters on the way. And how fun for this photographer! This nest is perched in a tree in their garden. This let them watch the little bird burst from his shell and grow.

Little robins always signal spring time to me. At my house, I remember being lifted up by my dad to take a peek at the little robins huddled in their nest. The tree sat right outside our dining room, so you could stand at the window all day and watch the mother robin fly about building the nest and feeding her babies.

Thank you CU photographer ritalee for submitting your photo this week. Check out ritalee’s My Gallery for more wildlife photos, such as a bear!

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