MOTHER’s Photo Club: Our First Crop

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Paul Coppick of Cleveland, Tennessee sent a photo with his dog "Pockets" royally perched on one of his very impressive pumpkins. The crop was his first try at pumpkin growing, and he hopes next year's "will be bigger and better."
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My son James is standing on a three-foot stool next to his sunflower. He brought home the young seedling after planting it in class, and we watched it grow, and grow... and grow.—Sharlynn Buckley
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"Our butterflies absolutely love the lilac bushes come springtime. We can always count on quite a show."—Sue Papenthien
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Linda Campbell sent a photo showing off her thriving spring garden in Sturgis, Michigan. Growth has been so abundant this year, she wrote, "I even have flowers on my tomato plants."

We had a sneaking suspicion that when we announced plans to start a photo club and requested your reader photos, the response would overwhelm the office with prized pictures. Trying to find our favorites among them was more difficult than we imagined.

Those selected include a boy standing next to a tall sunflower from Corry, Pa., resident Sharlynn Buckley, a butterfly on a lilac bush from Sue Papenthien of Granbury, TX, giant pumpkins from Paul Coppick of Cleveland, TN, and a thriving garden from Linda Campbell of Sturgis, MI. Enjoy!