Build Low-Cost Birdfeeders From Milk Cartons

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Much to Ms. Toop's delight, her feathered friends now frequent her "milk bars" all year long.

Learn how to build low-cost birdfeeders from milk cartons to feed your feathered friends in the garden.

Connie Toops turns half-gallon milk cartons into handy bird feeders around her home in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

To make these low-cost birdfeeders from milk cartons, she first makes 2 inch slits parallel to (but 1 inch up from) the bottom at all four corners. Next, she folds the carton’s edges inward above each cut, creating four little access ports, and runs two 8 inch lengths of 1/4 inch dowel through holes punched below the ration stations. Then she suspends the feeder by a cord and fills it through the pouring spout.

Much to Ms. Toop’s delight, her feathered friends now frequent her “milk bars” all year long.

She reminds us, however, that birds will come to depend upon their free food, so be sure to keep the feeding up!

Connie Toops
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
(Country Lore, October 1981)