An Amazing Gasoline Powered Drill

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Photo By the MOTHER EARTH NEWS staff
This gasoline-powered drill is portable and easy to use for tough jobs.

Roger and Karen La Chance share their experiences with a gasoline-powered drill.

An Amazing Gasoline-Powered Drill

Two nice people that you should know about just drove miles out of their way to stop by our North Carolina offices and
demonstrate an amazing new tool that can be worth an extra arm and a leg to a great many MOTHER readers.

The people are Roger and Karen La Chance, P O. Box 1167, Arroyo Grande, California 93420. And the tool is a gasoline-powered
drill (yes, gasoline!). No, the La Chances didn’t invent this new piece of hardware . . . but the company that did doesn’t seem
especially interested in publicizing its availability and the La Chances are the first to understand the tremendous value that the
drill can have to farmers, homesteaders, and other MOTHER-type readers . . . and so we’re gonna give Roger and Karen this free plug
and so there.

What this clever little machine is, you see, is a really rugged and heavy duty “electric” drill cap of pushing almost any bit up
to one inch or ore in diameter through almost anything . . . but without the “electric”. Instead, the brawny little drill is powered
by a small two-cycle gasoline engine. Which means that, for the first time, you can now have all the muscle of a real “hair on its
nest” electric drill down on the back 40, way up a the bush country, or in any of the other out-of the-way places that MOTHER’s
readers are increasingly setting up waterwheels, constructing cordwood houses, and so on.

Yeah, we know. At first blush, your reaction has to be, “who needs another gasoline engine out in the woods?” That, anyway, was
our initial reaction here at MOTHER’s research facilities. But when you realize that 45.8% of MOTHER’s readers own chain saws . . .
and when Roger starts showing you just how smoothly his “Piston Drill” punches great big ole one-inch holes in tough hardwoods and
bars of aluminum . . . it doesn’t take you long to realize that a heck of a lot more solar collectors and windplants and other
“alternatives” hardware are going to get built with one heck of a lot less total impact on the planet – and a great deal
too-once folks know about this truly amazing tool.

Anyhow the La Chances are now supporting their own personal back-to-the-land movement by selling their $189.50 Piston Drill by
mail. And if you’ve ever found yourself trying to punch a long series of holes in wood or metal away out beyond the utility lines
somewhere, you’ll know what a bargain that can be.

We’ve met the La Chances, found them to be sincere and enthusiastic back-to-the landers, and we believe you’ll find them to be
good folks to do business with. So, if you’re interested in this new (and exceptionally well-built) tool, you now know who sells it,
how much they sell it for, and how to reach them. And if you just want more info on the Piston Drill, drop $2.00 into the mail and
ask Karen and Roger to send you a copy of the Piston Drill operating manual. – The MOTHER EARTH NEWS editors.