Gaia Shrugged

Reader Contribution by Betty Taylor
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Most people believe the world as we know it is about to end, and they have various versions of how this might happen: Some believe we will be done in by an apocalypse, with a variety of adjectives preceding it. Mayan apocalypse (didn’t pan out), zombie apocalypse (good fodder for movies), peak-oil apocalypse (getting warmer–globally), rogue-virus apocalypse (fever hotter than a pepper sprout!). Others think it will be an economic crumbling and will come on more gradually, dominoes falling one by one across the country and globe–Detroit went first.

And it’s not just one marginal crackpot group that expects that the end is near. Doomsdayers come from across the political spectrum. Conservative preppers gearing up for a government invasion, as well as modern-day versions of hippies trying to go green, live locally, and get back to the land before the oil and gas run out. Folks with a locker full of assault rifles so they can survive it and folks with targets to pin on their own backs when it all goes south because they don’t want to survive it. There are least 100 groups of us monkeys expecting the worst for 100 different reasons.

We are just one species in nature, and we have overshot our carrying capacity – so we will collapse. The elephant in the room is that just too many of us are in the world. We can’t take many more resources from the earth without fouling it and making it unlivable. Never in the history of the earth has any species or civilization voluntarily checked its own growth to fit resources – resources are always overshot, and the species experiences a die off. Talking about population control is taboo and probably even communistic, un-American, and un-Christian (tongue firmly in cheek). So be it. Many of us will die off, and some will survive and start anew – Gaia will shrug – that’s just the law of nature and we are just one little part of it … not as important to the survival of the planet as we think. In fact, Gaia will have to fight us off, as the infection we have become, to survive.

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