Spoiler Alert: Food Disposal Made Simple with New App

Reader Contribution by Allison Evans
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Inconvenience is no longer an excuse for food waste, at least not in the New England region.  Spoiler Alert, a recently developed app for food disposal, is providing a convenient, hassle-free way for companies to get rid of surplus inventory.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the app connects producers, retailers and suppliers with non-profits, or in the event that the food is no longer edible, animal feed and fertilizer companies, and enables arrangements for a donation or sale.  Founders Emily Malina and Ricky Ashenfelter created the app in the hopes it will reduce the amount of food that winds up in landfills.

Imagine the benefits of a relationship between business and non-profit, in which one has a need to rid itself of extra food and the other can’t wait to take it off their hands. This simple partnership can reduce disposal fees for the company, as well as food waste and hunger for the nation, and hopefully the world. The app currently serves the New England region, but is planned to go national. Organizations in 10 countries have also expressed interest in the app, so it could possibly be used on an international scale sometime soon.  Although the app is currently available only for Apple users, Android and Web versions are also in the works. 

To learn more about this innovative new app, click here.

Photo by Fotolia/zlikovec: Nearly 1/3 of all food inventories go to waste every year, according to a report by the United Nation Environment Programme and the World Resources Institute.