Earth Gauge Tip of the Week — Save in 2013

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Are you resolving to save money in 2013? These tools can help you lower bills by saving energy, water and fuel at home and on the road. Added bonus: you’ll help the environment, too.

  • Save Energy: The Energy Star Home Advisor provides customized home improvement recommendations to help you increase energy efficiency and comfort where you live. Provide your zip code and info about your home heating and cooling to get project ideas and how-to resources.
  • Save Water: National Geographic’s Water Footprint Calculator will help you discover how much water you use at home and how much water is used to create the products you need every day. Then, use EPA’s WaterSense calculator to find out how much water, energy and money you can save by adding water efficient fixtures to your home.
  • Save helps you keep your vehicle in shape and get the best gas mileage possible. If you’re in the market for a new car, you can use the site to compare vehicles side-by-side and view lists of most-efficient and most-popular cars and trucks.

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