Earth Gauge Tip of the Week — National Arbor Day

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Friday, April 26 is National Arbor Day. Trees not only add beauty and value to our landscape, they also provide many environmental benefits.  In one year, a single healthy tree has the same cooling effect as ten room-sized air conditioners running continually; absorbs 750 gallons of storm water, preventing erosion and protecting water quality; and filters 60 pounds of pollutants from the air!


Viewer Tip: Celebrate Arbor Day by planting a tree at home or enjoying trees where you live.

• Plant a tree at home. Adding deciduous trees on the south and west sides of your home provides shade during the summer, reducing cooling costs. Planting evergreen trees along the north and west sides of your home will block chilly winds. Get started with these tips for choosing a tree.

Visit a forest near your home. Snap pictures, learn to identify trees, look for wildlife and enjoy time outdoors with family or friends.


(Source: Arbor Day Foundation.Benefits of TreesTrees and Forests Reduce the Impacts of Stormwater.)

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