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Do you know someone whose life you'd like to enrich? Take the Earth Day challenge and give a MOTHER EARTH NEWS subscription to a friend or family member today.

Every day, we hear from you about how MOTHER EARTH NEWS has helped you change your life. Now, we’d like to help you assist your friends in changing theirs. Some of you write about planting your very first garden. Some report on raising your first flock of chickens or hive of bees. Many of you describe how you’ve found new common ground with your neighbors as you share skills and work on projects together. You tell us how excited you are to have discovered MOTHER EARTH NEWS — and you tell us you feel empowered and happier as your lives become more sustainable and self-reliant.

We share your lifestyle and we know the joy it brings. Wouldn’t it be rewarding to share some of that joy with people you care about? To celebrate this Earth Day, we’re challenging you to help us change the world by giving a MOTHER EARTH NEWS subscription to a friend or family member so they, too, can experience the satisfaction of taking positive steps toward a more sustainable, rewarding life. And by doing so, you also double the positive impact these actions have on our great planet.

If each one of you takes the challenge, think of the goodwill we will spread! Together, we can help thousands more people savor the benefits of wiser lifestyles. The MOTHER EARTH NEWS community has the power to help our society take a huge leap forward this Earth Day.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS is a community of like-minded, conscientious folks who choose to build more sustainable, satisfying and secure lives. Much of the advice and many of the tips we share in the magazine come from you, our readers. With every new subscriber you recruit, you’re making the magazine better for all of us.

Earth Day and MOTHER EARTH NEWS were founded in the same year, 1970. We share similar goals: bringing together people of diverse backgrounds around crucial issues that affect us all, and coming up with practical, personal actions that address those challenges.

Giving MOTHER EARTH NEWS is a very easy way to make a very big difference — in the lives of the people with whom you share this magazine, in the vitality of our communities, and in the future of the planet.

Are you up to the challenge? Do you know someone whose life you’d like to enrich? Visit our subscription gift page to be a part of the Earth Day challenge.

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