Mr. Digwell Comic: Tips for Raising Tomatoes

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Enjoy our new Mr. Digwell feature. This issue's gardening comic: Tips for raising tomatoes.

Mr. Digwell is the newest MOTHER EARTH NEWS comic on gardening, laced with a little humor on the side. This issue’s comic: Tips for raising tomatoes.

First, the bad news: Shortly after MOTHER EARTH NEWS NO. 39 went to
press, we received word that the producers of “Mr. Crabtree
Crusades” had — for unexplained reasons of their
own — discontinued the series on ecology and turned it
into a kind of comic-strip guide to fishing in Great
Britain. So, knowing full well that few (if any) of
MOTHER’s readers would be interested in learning how to
pull pike out of the Thames, we began looking for a
replacement. Which brings us to the good news: We’ve found
yet another indomitable English cartoon
character — also rendered by Mr. Crabtree’s
creators — who, for some time now, has been passing on
valuable garden tips to readers of the London Daily Mirror.
We think folks on this side of the Big Water will find his
advice useful, too, so — here and henceforth — we
shall proudly present: Mr. Digwell. This issue’s comics: Tips for raising tomatoes.