Clothing for a Cause (Or Five)

Reader Contribution by Lydia Krug
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Cute just got a whole lot more profound.

Enter The Lucha Narrative, a new clothing/accessory company with a mission. A clothing line may seem trite to the unobservant, but this stylish business packs a punch. The name Lucha is Spanish for “fight,” and the fight is for justice. To back up this lofty mission are five characters with pow: Lucci, Clark, Milo, Jet and Pancho. Each quirky critter has big plans for its own charitable operation:

 Lucci supports literacy programs and improved education systems   
 Clark supports music and arts education
 Milo provides relief around the world 
 Jet provides local hunger relief and fights to end world hunger    
 Pancho raises funds for children’s hospitals

Here’s how it works: You buy a t-shirt, hoodie or tote bag with a certain character on it and a portion of the proceeds go to that character’s cause. By shopping, you become a social activist.

Sarah Sung, graphic designer and creative genius behind the operation, says she has high hopes for The Lucha Narrative. “I would love to see Lucha grow to the extent of accomplishing different mission work around the world, to lend a hand and connect with communities and neighbors, and to raise money for different organizations,” Sung says.

And she’s well on her way. “Lucha is also working on putting together different events to promote social activism and help raise funds for different charities,” Sung says. Just more than a year since it’s launch, The Lucha Narrative has already shouldered fundraisers for Blood:Water Mission, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Rescue Mission. Sung is also in the early stages of planning an event focusing on world hunger, which she aspires to set in motion this year.

The Lucha Narrative binds noble goals with thoughtful fashion, but Sung also tries to make her business as earth-conscious as she can currently afford. By using products from eco-friendly clothing suppliers, such as American Apparel and Alternative Apparel, Sung encourages the use of recycled materials and low-impact dyes. Both companies also offer organic cotton products and are committed to sweat-shop free practices.

Though Sung claims to be taking “baby steps” in growing The Lucha Narrative, her goals are set and her mission is clear: “Do Justice. Love Mercy.”   

To find out more about The Lucha Narrative’s events and to purchase items that give back, visit The Lucha Narrative website. You can also find Lucha on Facebook and MySpace.