Reusing Calendar Pictures

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Do you like old calendar pictures? Don't throw them away.

How about some tips on recycling those pretty but outdated calendar pictures? You hate to throw them away, but just letting them lay there ends up creating clutter. Here are a few of my ideas!

Of course, there’s the tried-and-true frame-and-hang. But how about going a step further? Take several of them, along with poems and/or words of wisdom, and mat them attractively — then frame and hang. Or take a bunch and make a hodgepodge willy-nilly calendar collage on a big piece of cardboard.

You can also frame them with pretty tape on the panes of glass from an old window or French door. Try recycling smaller ones into note cards. Or mix with beads, bells, and bows on fishing twine for a unique mobile. I just hate to throw them out!

Maida Rodgers
Farmington, AR

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