5 Questions for Brittany Nickerson

Reader Contribution by Brittany Nickerson
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What’s the one thing that’s a must in this world?

Trust.  When we trust ourselves we are more confidant, self-assured and more fulfilled by our lives.  When we trust others we are more enriched by our relationships.  Trust can also serve as a source of motivation.  If we trust that things can get better we are more likely to work to make change – whether that is on the level of the political, social, economic, environmental, or interpersonal – trust and belief makes our efforts feel worth while.  From the perspective of holistic wellness, trusting our bodies is a key aspect of health.  If we trust that our body is capable of being healthy when we give it the right tools/building blocks, it creates a positive association that is healing, it also motivates us to want to care for our body – it is a reciprocal relationship.

What is the best purchase you’ve ever made?

My home is by far and away the best thing I have ever purchased!  I suppose you could say it was the hardest thing to purchase – it was a big decision and a big commitment.  It nourishes my family and my work each day and we work hard to nourish it back – tending the gardens and doing our best to serve as respectful stewards of the land.

What brings you the greatest joy?

Looking out my window right now, the garden is in full bloom – I can see the whole arc of colors from reds and oranges, to fuchsias, white and of course green.  Plants, wild and cultivated, and the privilege to work with them and teach others about them brings me so much joy!

What’s your favorite smell in the whole world?

My 5 month old daughter, Ida.  It might be the hormones, but she smells amazing!

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Follow your heart, do what you love.

Brittany Wood Nickerson is the author of Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen. She has blended her training in herbal medicine into her personal and professional cooking for more than 10 years. She is an herbalist and the owner of Thyme Herbal, where she offers herbal apprenticeship programs, classes in herbal cooking, and private herbal consultations. Nickerson is an active guest speaker and teacher at conferences and events throughout the Northeast. She lives in Conway, Massachusetts. For more on Brittany check out MotherEarthNewsFair.com!