MAX Update No. 51: The Rally Green Route

Reader Contribution by Staff
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Rally Green is taking shape: We now have a calendar and a route and it looks like it’s going to be a hoot! If you live close to that blue line on the map up there, please come by and see us. If you wave, I promise to wave back. If you’d like to chat, we’ll be stopping overnight where the “pins” are shown on the map — it should be easy to find me, I’ll be the guy with the red and white sports car that looks like it’s almost finished.

I’m not making excuses in advance, I’m just being a realist. MAX will be roadworthy and legal and getting great mileage, but it may be missing details like a paint job, and I think you’ll be able to tell it’s a work in progress. I’m not going to hide MAX’s new body away until I get it perfect and then spring it on y’all — MAX should keep getting better every time you see it. I know a week on the road will be a learning experience, and I’ll probably learn more by demonstrating MAX in public than I’d learn by driving around and around a closed track.

Our event starts Sunday morning, August 15, in Knoxville, Iowa, but I’m going to get there early. I’d hate to miss the Knoxville Nationals Race Parade on Saturday, especially since we’re going to be in it. Knoxville, Iowa is the sprint car capital of the world (google “sprint car capital” if don’t believe me) and they’re holding the 50th Annual Knoxville Nationals from August 11 though 14, with over $1 million of prize money … they take their circle track racing seriously in Knoxville. I don’t think fuel economy is a big issue in that sport, so it’s pretty cool of them to let Rally Green be yin to their yang.

We should have a bunch of fun stops along the way, Knoxville will only the first of them.

Map by Google Maps, from Dirigo Car.

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