Average Price of Gas Still Over $4 a Gallon

Reader Contribution by Staff

According to the Energy Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy, the national average price of gasoline is still higher than $4 a gallon, $4.165 specifically. That’s for all grades. The average price of regular octane is $4.114.

In late June, the averages were $4.146 and $4.095, respetively.

Here are a few other averages of note:

National average for regular gas, May 19, 2008: $3.791. That’s 32 cents less than today’s average.

National averages for regular gas, by region:

New England: $4.143
East Coast: $4.079
Midwest: $4.059
Gulf Coast: $3.958
California: $4.550
West Coast: $4.440

Some specific cities:

Boston: $4.058
New York City: $4.179
Denver: $3.974
Miami: $4.173
Seattle: $4.350

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