Transformation Tuesday: Upcycle Mania!

Reader Contribution by Jessica Kellner

Hello, readers! I’m very excited to say I’ve recently discovered a great new source for upcycled home products: Hipcycle is a one-stop shop for home and garden products made with recycled materials, and it has a whole slew of fabulous items ranging from a chopstick beer cozy to reclaimed teak nesting tables. We are on the hunt for beautiful, responsibly made and affordable items here at NH&G all the time (partially to share with you; partially for our own selfish desires!), and finding a new source to tap is always exciting. Hipcycle very much shares our values and our aesthetics, as they express in the story of how they came to be:

Our goal here at Hipcycle is to offer upcycled products that are as attractive, durable, and otherwise as desirable as traditional equivalent products (if not more so). We also strive to offer products that are priced about the same as regular high-quality products. We don’t feel that just because something is a “green” product that is means you have to make a choice between helping the environment and getting what you want.
 I’m so happy to have a new spot to troll for awesome upcycled stuff, and I encourage you to check it out, too!

Here are some of my favorites right now:

A bench made of reclaimed wood, beadboard and ceiling tin; $95

A pendant light made of a Bombay Sapphire Gine bottle; $75

A colorful birdhouse made of reclaimed wood; $45