Recycle Your Bicycle

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Photo Courtesy Resource Revival
Resource Revival transforms old bike parts into imaginative and usable products, like these desk clocks made from chain rings.

Riding your bike is green enough, but recycling its parts instead of throwing them away is even better. Resource Revival, based in rural Oregon, makes recycling bike parts easy by creating innovative products out of discarded bicycle parts.

Since 1994, Resource Revival has been breathing new life into used inner tubes, bike chains, chain rings and other bicycle parts by transforming them into photo frames, clocks, bottle openers, bowls and other accessories. Resource Revival receives parts from bike shops all over the country (thousands of pounds per year), and then its team of artists and designers revamp them into usable and creative products. This entire process is green, not only because the company reuses what’s already there (thus eliminating the need to make new materials), but Resource Revival is also keeping tons of bike parts out of landfills.

Recycling isn’t the only green going on at the Resource Revival headquarters. According to its website, even the building RR employees work in is eco-friendly. It was an existing building on a farmstead that has since been upgraded with energy-efficient lighting, reclaimed lumber and sheet metal.

Founder Graham Bergh has a dream, and Resource Revival is his way of realizing it: “Our mission is to create innovative products from recycled materials, to provide meaningful, living wage jobs, and to have fun,” Bergh says on the website. “We envision a sustainable future where commerce flourishes in a world powered by renewable energy, and where consumers are conscious of the origin of the food they eat, the energy they consume, and the products they buy.”

If you’re interested in helping Resource Revival but don’t need any more stuff, you can either donate your old bicycle parts or make a monetary contribution. Check the website to find a “rebicycler” in your area.  Donations are accepted via Paypal on the website.

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