How to Set Up a Kerosene Lamp (Video)

By Staff

How to Set Up a Kerosene Lamp (Video)

 Get the most out of your kerosene lamp by knowing these tips for proper set up and use.

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Kerosene lamps provide bright-white light that is both useful and nostalgic. Being prepared for an emergency, living off the grid or just enjoying the ambiance are few good reasons to have a non-electric lamp on hand.

To get the most from your kerosene lamp, it is important to understand the different parts of your lamp and how to properly assemble them. For instance, the mantle is very delicate and should only be handled by the frame wire.

Another key component of using a kerosene lamp is the fuel. Fill your lamp bowl with the recommended amount of Aladdin lamp oil, or clean, K1 grade kerosene. Remember to never use any other fuel besides lamp oil or kerosene, as it could present a fire hazard.

We purchased this Aladdin Lamp from our friends at Lehman’s; they have a wide variety of lamps to choose from and are a great source for well-made, sustainable-lifestyle products.

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