Kitchen Disinfecting Spray Recipe

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Keep your kitchen counters sparkling clean with hydrogen peroxide, a safe and natural ingredient.
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Learn how to make 150 everyday organic cleaning products at home with "The Organically Clean Home" by Becky Rapinchuk.

The cleaning products found under most kitchen sinks can wreak havoc on your health and budget, as well as our planet. In The Organically Clean Home (F+W Media, 2014), author Becky Rapinchuk offers 150 easy-to-make homemade cleaning products. In this excerpt, from chapter 3 “Recipes from the Kitchen”, learn how to make a homemade disinfectant spray without harmful chemicals.

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Kitchen Disinfecting Spray

This spray can be stored under your kitchen sink and used daily for disinfection. The trick is to let the spray sit for 10 minutes to thoroughly disinfect counters, sinks and cutting boards. Be careful not to spray on any fabrics, as the hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties. It is safe for all types of countertops, though.

• One 16-ounce container hydrogen peroxide (Use the 3 percent solution that you find in a drugstore.)
• Spray top

To make:Find a spray top that will fit. Most are universal, so you can wash and reuse a store-bought cleaner’s spray top for this purpose. If the tube is too long but the top fits, trim the tube with a pair of scissors. Place spray top on bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

To use:Rinse any food particles away if you are disinfecting a cutting board or other surface. Spray surface thoroughly with the hydrogen peroxide. Let stand for 10 minutes and wipe or rinse clean. For even stronger sanitation, add castile soap to a sponge and use that to wash and wipe up the solution. Rinse thoroughly and wash as usual.

To store: Hydrogen peroxide must be stored in a dark container to keep its disinfecting properties, so keep it in its original container. Makes 16 ounces.

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Excerpted from The Organically Clean Home Copyright © 2014 by Rebecca Rapinchuk,, and published by F+W Media, Inc. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.