30 Steps to Energy Efficiency – Step 4: Turn Down Your Thermostat

Reader Contribution by Comly Wilson
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Did you know that space heating can account for up to 45 percent of your energy bill? That means that your thermostat is not only a control for your temperature but also your wallet!

There are two situations which do not require you to be heating your home: when it is warm and when you are not at home. Since it is still a bit chilly outside, you may want to consider setting up a routine of turning down the set temperature on your thermostat when you head out in the morning and when you go to bed.

Alternatively, you can install a programmable thermostat, which provides many advantages over turning the heat down yourself. A programmable thermostat lets you set multiple temperatures everyday, meaning you can sleep in a cool room but wake up to a comfortable temperature. Save money by not heating an empty space while you are at work but return to a warm house afterwards. The added convenience of not having to remember to change the temperature every day in addition to the comfort of not waiting for the room to heat up when you are home makes this a great investment.

This also applies for running your A/C in the warm months!

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