30 Steps to Energy Efficiency – Step 11: Check the Refrigerator Seal

Reader Contribution by Comly Wilson
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Did you know that your refrigerator is the third most energy-draining appliance in your home? Often the seal

on the fridge can leak, wasting energy the same way as running your A/C with an open window. It already takes a lot of energy to cool the contents of your fridge, but cooling your whole kitchen would take a lot more!

When you get home today, do this simple test: Close your fridge door on a dollar bill or piece of paper; if you can pull the bill out easily or worse, if it falls, then it is time to replace the seal.

If your fridge has a latch, make sure it is closing properly as it may be the culprit. Either way inspect the seal all the way around the door. If it seems to be in good condition consult have a maintenance worker come check out why your fridge isn’t sealing well. If it looks worn out then you might want to replace it.

If you choose to replace your fridge, make sure you consider getting an ENERGY STAR® model. According to the Department of Energy, these appliances use a minimum 20 percent less energy than federal requirements state and up to 40 percent less energy than non-ENERGY STAR® models.