10 Mother’s Day Gifts for Homesteading Moms

For the moms that spend more time in the dirt than they do in the dishes, this wishlist is for you.

Reader Contribution by Destiny Hagest and Permies.Com
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I’m going to make a startling confession here, and I hope you won’t judge me on it – we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day in our house. Sure, my husband and I extend some form of greeting to our own moms, but in this house, no sirree — not a bit.

It was my choice a couple of years ago, and one that I really stand behind. I decided I didn’t want there to be one day a year where there was all of this pressure to shower me with gifts and praise, because it just would never feel real to me. I might take the day as an excuse to go for a walk with my family in the woods, arrange flowers for my kitchen, and generally enjoy a mild spring day with my family, but there is zero acknowledgment of Mother’s Day in this house, and that’s just the way I like it.

NOW, that being said, I still like getting gifts (because hello, who doesn’t??), and I know a lot of my sisters in motherhood out there do as well, so I thought that instead of spa days and jewelry, there needed to be a Mother’s Day gift list that was just for women like us.

If you spend your mornings collecting eggs with a baby on your hip, dripping sweat in the garden while keeping an eye on your wandering toddler, or teaching your kids how to work the power tools so you can get a hand with your latest project, well sister, this one’s for you.

If you have a woman in your life that does all of this, then sit up straight in your chair, and read closely, because this is good stuff right here.

Ten of the coolest and most practical gifts on the web for some of the hardest workin’ women under the sun.

A Garden Tool (to Make Her Life Less Back Breaking)

First, let me just start out by saying that pretty much anything you get from Lehman’s is going to knock ANYONE’S socks off. This company specializes in Amish tools, and has grown its offerings to everything from butter churns to composting toilets.

That being said, I’m particularly smitten with this made in the USA steel broadfork. It’s tough, easy to use, made right here, and pretty darned affordable too. If the mother in your life doesn’t have chickens to aerate her soil for her, this is an awesome tool to save her some back-breaking work in your backyard garden.

Check out Lehman’s steel broadfork here.

A Top-of-the-Line Baby Carrier

Now, let’s make this real clear from the start — anybody can wear a baby, and that includes a man. That being said, if you’re like me, the babies spend most of their time with you, and by god, those dishes have to get done somehow.

A baby carrier is perhaps THE most useful thing I’ve ever owned as a parent. Each carrier has their own ideal use, and every parent has their personal preference. They are generally three types of carriers:

  • Soft structured carriers (think strap and buckles)
  • Ring slings
  • Wraps (just a long, strong piece of fabric)

My top picks for soft structured carriers have always been the Lillebaby, Ergobaby, and Beco carriers, because they allow for such a wide variety of ergonomic carrying positions. There are tons of great ring slings out there, but I’ve always loved my Maya Ring Sling.

If your woman loves the look and feel of a wrap, a Moby Wrap is a fantastic one for beginners.

All of these carriers are beautiful, built SOLID, and ergonomic for both mom and baby. Trust me, they’re both going to be happy with this one.

Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry

Okay, so I know that this is one spendy gift option right here. That being said, even this dirty-nailed hippie loves shiny objects, and there’s just no denying that it’s going to knock the socks off of anyone you’re trying to treat.

I love Brilliant Earth because it’s so much more than just a jewelry company. They source all of their diamonds from conflict-free zones, use recycled metals, and even donate 5% of their profits to communities that have been damaged by the ravages of the jewelry industry.

It’s an amazing company, and their jewelry is nothing short of STUNNING. Their rings are beautiful, but I particularly love this willow branch necklace of theirs.

Clothes for a Hard Workin’ Woman

Okay, I love Duluth SO MUCH. Their clothing is so well made, they have so many different options, and their whole company has so much spunk and personality.

If the mother in your life is like most women, she’s the last person she spends money on, and the thought of dropping some serious money on some great chore clothes is probably the furthest thing from her mind.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you what she needs, that I’m afraid, is up to you, but there are plenty of awesome things on Duluth’s site to get you started, and I can’t imagine any of it disappointing.

The Egg Apron

Ohhh yea. She has enough on her hands with kids and work and chores, so give her somewhere to put those eggs without having to make multiple trips. These egg aprons have been making their rounds on social media, and for good reason. They’re practical, adorable, and hello, genius. You can get them all over the place, but I like this one from NW Creative Keepsakes on Etsy.


Okay, maybe not just any food, but delicious, highly rare treats that are just for her are never going to go underappreciated. Whether it’s a cake from your local bakery or her favorite candy, satisfying her sweet tooth is going to make her perfectly happy. Get the kids involved, and decorate a homemade cake just for her, and prepare for the tears.


I’ve never really been a fan of cut flowers myself, they make me kind of sad (grown, harvested, and transported, just to wilt on my counter a week later – how sad is that??), but potted plants I swoon for.

It doesn’t have to be flowers either, people. Get her the makings of an herb garden from your local nursery, or do something really amazing and get her some bare root fruit trees. I just learned heaps about these from Winter Cove Farms, and they’re a surefire way to get a successful orchard going in any climate.

Nail Brush

Look, here’s the thing – there are definitely homesteading women out there with pretty, manicured nails, but I for one cannot even imagine such a world. If your woman’s like me and would laugh if you bought her a manicure, get her this instead.

This tough little nail brush is perfect for scrubbing the yuck out from under your nails, and is great for getting into the grooves of those tough, hard-workin’ hands of hers. Naturally, it’s brought to you by Lehman’s.

Skin Care Products

While a mani-pedi might not be the most practical gift for your hard workin’ woman, some high quality natural skin care products definitely are. Hands that get washed a lot or spend tons of time in the dirt definitely need a moisture pick me up, so get her some stuff to help her feel a bit refreshed at the end of the day.

I for one am a HUGE fan of the Filthy Farmgirl line. Aside from just having hilarious names that’ll make you blush to say out loud, this stuff smells amazing without being overpowering, is one heck of a cleaning agent, and leaves skin butter soft.

What you get for her really depends on the fragrances she’s fond of (of which there are PLENTY to choose from). Bundle it with a complementary lotion. I’ve used their rose butter lotion myself, and it’s moisturizing without being greasy, and gone entirely too fast.

The Perfect Beverage Container

I know this sounds weird, and random, and totally not gift-like, but on that same token, I don’t know a person alive that doesn’t love a great water bottle or coffee thermos. Here’s something you should know about moms:

  • Some of them actually get HOSPITALIZED because they’re literally so busy they forget to drink enough water to function.
  • They always drink their coffee or tea cold, because 20 other things demand their attention more than an enjoyable cuppa.

We’re coffee, tea, AND water drinkers in this house, so I’ve tried a bit of everything. We generally try to avoid plastic as much as possible, and strive for containers that are easy to clean, and tough enough to last us.

The best water bottles I’ve come across, hands down, are the Pura Stainless Steel bottles. Not only are they incredibly tough and completely devoid of plastic, but they’re also interchangeable with their silicon sippy cup, bottle, and straw lids (not that she’ll want to share). They also make a stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle, which, in theory, should be fine for hot drinks as well (though I’ve never tried it myself).

My husband is a tea drinker, so I actually just bought in a Pure Zen Tea tumbler with infuser, and it’s pretty awesome. Another design devoid of plastic, this tumbler is made of glass, so you do need to exercise a fair amount of care with it, but it’s so worth it for steeping on the go sans plastic. It’s pretty, it comes in a pretty box – pair it with her favorite tea, and you’ve got the perfect gift compadre.

Coffee thermoses are tricky. In order to be really convenient, I feel like there has to be a flip top/push button lid (because if there’s one thing a busy mom doesn’t have time to do, it’s take the lid off one more damned drink). That being said, I’ve always really, REALLY loved the Aladdin thermoses. They’re leak-proof, stainless steel, vacuum sealed, and they keep your drink warm FOREVER. Seriously, these things are incredible, and a total steal at $20 each.

You know, it’s funny. I feel like people ask me all the time if I need anything, what would make my life easier, and my go-to response is always nothing, but this list really gets those ‘that would be nice’ juices flowing.

The bottom line is, a lot of women are never going to readily admit to wanting or needing much of anything – least of all moms – because they’re always busy taking care of someone else. Trust me though, if you put the thought into it and get her something like this, something practical that she can actually use, then that tough as nails and sweet as candy mama is going to brimming with appreciation.

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