Giving Well: Practical Gift Ideas for Everyone

Reader Contribution by Allison Martin
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1. Block Party

This set of 12 heirloom-quality blocks combines to make four adorable boats. Made from FSC linden wood, the blocks are hand-sanded to ensure the edges are smooth and rounded, plus they are colored with a non-toxic, water-based stain.
To Buy: $50, Land of Nod

2. Set It and Forget It

Inspired by an ancient (but still used) irrigation tool, a self-watering planter makes houseplants easy for even the most forgetful among us. Just fill the center chamber with water periodically, and you are set.
To Buy:
$50, Uncommon Goods

3. Stocking Stuffer

This luxurious facial cleanser is a powder, which eliminates the need for preservatives. The all-star ingredients include oats, yogurt powder, honey powder, green tea extract, calendula, rosehip powder and bentonite clay.
To Buy:
$20, Lollique


4. Hand It Over

Beautiful, well-made hand towels make a great gift. They pack up small, in case you are traveling, and will bring a smile as they dry hands and wipe up spills all year long. Additionally, these cotton, fair trade towels are handwoven by Ethiopian artisans.
To Buy:
$30, Viva Terra


5. Pamper Purely

Skip the harsh chemicals in conventional lotions and moisturize with this almond oil-based body oil. It includes botanical oils, but leaves out parabens, phthalates, SLSs and dyes. It’s a great base for homemade skin-care recipes, too.
To Buy:
$10, Home Health US