5 Eco-Friendly Halloween Decoration Ideas

Reader Contribution by Ashley Houk
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We’ve all probably experienced nature in a multitude of ways, but its transformative power never fades. Today, researchers are beginning to prove the positive effects that time spent in nature has on our minds and bodies. Although fall and winter may not always seem as uplifting as spring and summer, it’s still important to enjoy the natural world throughout the year. Spend time outdoors and bring the outdoors inside with these simple, eco-friendly decorating ideas for Halloween.

Photo by Fotolia/monochromst.

Gourds Galore

Gourds, of all shapes, sizes and colors, are available during fall. Use them to create centerpieces for Halloween parties, or simply sit them around the house to add a touch of the season to every room. Much like pumpkins you can paint them, carve them or eat them…it’s up to you!

Terrifying Terrariums

Terrariums are simple, easy-to-maintain ways to bring greenery into your home. If you’re not much of a gardener—or it’s already too cold to garden outdoors—create an indoor, haunted landscape. Add a few frightful elements, like a gravestone or ghost, to existing terrariums to suit the season.

Biodegradable Pumpkin Patch

Turn your front yard into a pumpkin patch, full of gigantic pumpkins. Rake fallen leaves and collect them in biodegradable leaf bags. If your yard doesn’t produce enough leaves, ask friends, family and neighbors if you can rake their leaves—I bet they won’t mind!

Spooky Luminaria

Put your recycling to good use! Pull a few tin cans out the recycling bin to create your own luminaria decorated with spooky images. You can choose to keep it simple with bats and ghosts, or get more elaborate using ideas from your favorite Halloween movies.  Use these spooky lights to guide treat-or-treaters to your door by hanging them from trees or sitting them along walkways.

Wicked Wreath

Collect fallen twigs and sticks to create an easy, do-it-yourself wreath that costs next to nothing and incorporates nature into your seasonal decor. Add leaves or pine cones for a fall-focused wreath, or make it a little wicked with cobwebs, spiders and broomsticks.

Use the time needed to collect supplies for these do-it-yourself décor ideas as an excuse to spend a little more time in nature with your friends and family. Plus, kids, adults and crafting beginners will find these five decorations fun and easy-to-make. So, whether Halloween is your favorite holiday or just one of many, try one (or more!) of these ideas to mix up your décor.