Small-Space Clutter Clean-Up

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Add shelving, shadow boxes or even wall hooks to utilize vertical space in small rooms.
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Offices and desks collect unneeded items; make your workspace smaller, or turn it into a mobile cart.
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Install wall railings above kitchen counters to hang dishtowels or utensils and cut down on counter clutter.
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Stack vintage suitcases to form a side table made up of handy storage nooks.

Utilize Versatile Vertical Space

What your rooms lack in width, they might make up for in height. If you have a wide room or hallway, add a tall shelving unit on which you can add some simple storage bins. Install floating shelves up the wall to display a series of knickknacks, plants or books. You could also hang shadow boxes or hooks for more specific items. Above-cabinet space in the kitchen is often available and severely underutilized. Display cookbooks, baskets of outdoor dishes, or anything else that needs to be stashed somewhere.

Accent with Functional Accessories

Any piece of furniture you own that has shelves can be dressed up with beautiful baskets and storage bins. They look nice, and they provide an easy, out-of-the-way place to tuck magazines and baubles. Or you can install simple wall railings above kitchen countertops to keep them from collecting extra clutter. Use the rails to hang cute dishtowels, small baskets to hold important items like coffee or scrub brushes, or you can add a couple of hooks from which to hang the kitchen utensils you reach for the most.

Hide Away What’s Left

You might have a nice area for storage that doesn’t look so appealing after everything is piled into its place. If you don’t want to give up that industrial space, hide it from view with a folding screen or hang curtains in front of it, either of which will instantly make the once-untidy room feel more spacious. Maybe it’s your home office that collects the clutter. Try making a mobile desk out of a cart, which doesn’t have drawers and will ensure you only keep your computer, printer and important files on display. This rolling workspace can be tucked into any corner when not in use.

Make Room for Multipurpose Furniture

It’s asking too much for us to begin our decluttering by getting rid of furniture necessary to the beauty and function of a room. But what if you could exchange some of that furniture for pieces that do double-duty? Trade that simplistic coffee table from the middle of your living room in for one with drawers or a bottom shelf — perfect for hiding away games and remotes. Buy a bench with a lid and storage space inside; or make your own storage ottoman. And you don’t have to sacrifice charm for convenience: Use a stack of vintage suitcases as a side table that can double as multiple storage nooks.