3 Best Artificial Christmas Trees

Reader Contribution by Karyn Wofford
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Ah, the great tree debate. I love writing about this because there are so many good points. Artificial trees can contribute to major waste if cheap variations are purchased. And real trees, if not sustainably farmed or replanted, pose risk to our environment as well. Allergens and fungi have also been an expressed concern.

To me, it’s a total toss up. I typically lean toward artificial because I know I’m committed to using it year after year, and recycling if it ever bites the dust. My childhood Christmases revolved around that simple hook-style, lovably unrealistic tree. These days construction has become more sustainable and recycling efforts have improved. Love me or hate me for it, but if you’re sold too, here are the three best picks.

Photo courtesy Oncor


Concern over landfill waste causes some ill feelings toward the use of artificial trees. Oncor has been working to solve those problems by completely designing their trees from recycled material. They’ve changed some of the dynamics and stick to the old-school hook branch method, which improves the strength and lifespan of their trees. 30 years is the minimum projected time of usage for an Oncor tree.

Trees come in a recycled, sturdy cardboard box, which the company encourages customers to use as a storage method. Lastly, part of their proceeds fund a variation of charitable organizations.

Photo courtesy Tree Classics

Tree Classics

A complete showstopper, Tree Classic’s Colorado Blue Spruce Snap Tree is unbelievably realistic and full. It’s design mimics the official tree symbol of the state, and it will stop anyone in their tracks when they walk by.

Snap trees literally tilt upward and “snap” into place. With two people, assembly can be accomplished in less than five minutes. The tree is solid, which makes it a little heavy, so having help is important. After Christmas it can be stored upright in the garage or a closet.

The LED lights system is the coolest part; fade from white lights to colored, use the twinkling effect, or choose if you want to keep it on multicolored or traditional. The option to choose is wonderful since it’s easy to be torn between a classic white look, or festive colors.

Photo courtesy King of Christmas

King of Christmas

King of Christmas’ realistic trees are more affordable than most realistic variations, but still boast the high-quality construction that can last a lifetime. King of Christmas also has several unlit options, meaning you can reduce power consumption by selecting your own energy conserving lights while being able to use your own creativity. Candy cane stripes with red and white lights perhaps? Or maybe a good old fashioned blue Christmas tree.

Whether you pick a real or artificial tree, Merry Christmas!

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