6 Stunning Homes That Let the Light In

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6 Stunning Homes That Let the Light In

By Kate Shaw, Houzz

With creative thinking (and the help of knowledgeable professionals), your home can bathe in the sun. If you crave natural light and are planning to remodel or build a house, take inspiration from these spectacular glass-enhanced spaces.

BTL Property, original photo on Houzz

Outside In

While traditional skylights are small, functional and rather uninspiring, modern roof lights are anything but. This large roof light helps ensure that an Australian expat’s kitchen stays bright and airy even on the grimmest of London days. No doubt the houseplants are loving the light too.

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Vivendi – Luxury Home Builders, original photo on Houzz

Circles of Light

Who said skylights have to be rectangular? The bubblelike skylights in this contemporary home in Perth, Australia, add a touch of whimsy as the light plays on the floor.

Note: Concerned about skylights bringing in too much light? Retractable awnings and remote-controlled shades are popular options. Or consider smart glass, which adjusts automatically to changing light conditions.

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Ultraspace by Mark Gacesa, original photo on Houzz

Private Screening

This luxurious Los Angeles dressing room benefits from a roof feature that lets in the light while retaining privacy and adding glamour.

Aspect 11, original photo on Houzz

Great Heights

Skylights are only one option. Consider installing windows that wow instead. If you have the luxury of height, you can make dramatic use of your extra wall space by installing floor-to-ceiling windows, as shown in this house in Melbourne, Australia.

Tip: Worried all that glass and concrete will make your home seem lacking in warmth and comfort? Keep things cozy with a hanging fireplace like this one.

Andrew Simpson Architects, original photo on Houzz

Right Angle

Try thinking outside the box when it comes to your windows. The angled window in this Melbourne bedroom complements the space while framing the blue sky beyond — a perfect match for the walls within.

Bolton Chalklin Architects, original photo on Houzz

All Out

Why stop at skylights or windows? A glass ceiling is a striking feature in this London kitchen addition.

Tip: So much glass can be cold and noisy. Consider double- or even triple-paned glass to improve the heat and sound insulation.

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