Got Sun? Go Solar

Learn About Solar Electric Systems For Your Home With Got Sun? Go Solar 

With incentives for renewable energy available throughout the country, solar electric systems may be an affordable option for your home or small business.

Got Sun? Go Solar has clear information about solar electric systems; from legality and safety of different solar energy systems, to the basics of solar power sizing and cost, and the paperwork you may need to install your own solar energy system.

Nowadays, photovoltaic panels are smaller, cheaper and more versatile than ever The new technology has made residential solar power systems a reality, one that will help you achieve a level of self reliance, while saving money and taking care of the environment.

Authors Rex A. Ewing and Doug Pratt have written a must-have book for anyone interested in renewable energy, whether you are brand-new to solar electric systems or are seriously considering a solar power system for your house, this book will help you understand the details of this vast source of renewable energy.

With chapters about direct grid-tied systems and battery-based systems, cost and tips for financial support, as well as finding a qualified installation contractor, this book is the first place to start for anyone looking at small solar electric systems.

Got Sun? Go Solar includes pictures and diagrams that will help you understand how solar electric systems work. It also includes a glossary of renewable energy terms and a resource guide with contacts for State Energy Offices, manufacturers of solar power systems and other sources of renewable energy information.

Renewable energy is not just about photovoltaic panels, however. Got Sun? Go Solar will also tell you about how you can harness the wind to power your home without taking a toll on the environment or your wallet. This smaller section of the book provides information to consider this other source of renewable energy, from types of wind turbines to tax credits, including tools to calculate the amount of wind you need to power your house.

Order Got Sun? Go Solar today and get started on a path to energy independence.