Home Construction Update: A Mini Photo Series

| 8/6/2015 2:09:00 PM

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The Small Home, Big Decisions series follows Jennifer and her husband, Tyler, as they build a self-reliant homestead on a piece of country property in northeastern Kansas. The series will delve into questions that arise during their building process and the decisions they make along the way. The posts are a work in progress, written as their home-building adventure unfolds.

We realized that we haven’t posted images from our home construction for a few weeks now, so we wanted to take this post to do just that.

In the photo below, you can see the house front, fully framed and house-wrapped, and with our double-pane windows installed. The house wrap and the high-quality windows will help form a strong barrier to keep our home more efficient to heat and cool.

House Wrap On New Construction

The next image shows the beginning of our electric wiring being installed. This view is from the main room looking into our master bedroom. We were able to salvage the can lights you see installed from another construction site, which means we’ll save enough money to spring for LED trim kits. LED can lights use 1/6 the energy used by standard can lights, making the investment environmentally worthwhile (not to mention the meaningful savings on our monthly electric bill). Plus, they last a lot longer. A special feature we’ve installed is an outdoor floodlight switch near where our bed will sit, so we can light up the outdoors when we hear something go bump in the night. This will be especially helpful when we have a garden put in and animals to watch over.

Electric Wiring and Can Light Fixtures in New Construction

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