Back-to-Basics Biofuels

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The greatest efficiencies in biofuel production can be achieved with small- and medium-scale distillation.

Great news for ethanol enthusiasts: Blume Distillation plans to bring turnkey alcohol distillation systems to market in early 2012. These systems, suited for both rural and urban locations, are designed to allow farmers, entrepreneurs and communities to produce their own ethanol fuel from readily available fuel stock sources.

According to Blume Distillation, “Appropriate-scale bio-ethanol production has the potential to transform the energy landscape by harvesting abundant carbohydrate resources, not at the large scale (usually in the form of giant corn ethanol plants), but rather at the small and medium scales, where the efficiencies are greatest.”

Projected to produce 10,000 to 250,000 gallons of alcohol fuel per year, the systems will start at about $35,000 (you can pre-order now). For more information, email or visit the Blume Distillation website.

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