Welcome to Relish!

Reader Contribution by Staff

Last fall, I represented Mother Earth News at the Bioneers conference, one of the many green festivals popping up around the country. These festivals are all about alternatives, and there was one ‘alternative’ in particular that captured my attention. I spent a lot of time talking about food to the very passionate individual manning the booth next to ours. He had chosen to eschew chewing for pill-popping. That is, he believes he can get all the nutrition he needs from pills containing Amazonian herbs. Fresh from the last virgin soil on Earth, he says they contain the world’s most complete nutrition. After I grew weary of defending the joy of eating — not to mention the biological and evolutionary history of doing so — I left graciously and watched him peddle ‘food’ pills to an eager eco-celebrity.

How did we get so far removed from the NATURAL act of eating? And of hunting: hunting for good food and feeling the thrill of the pursuit. This blog is about eating in environmentally preferable ways and being mindful of what we eat, but most of all, it’s about absolutely relishing delicious food. Let’s take the stress out of making food choices by getting educated about food we can celebrate.

Much like all those green festivals, this blog also is about alternatives. There are a lot of scary things happening to the food being dished up to Americans. And there are plenty of deplorable things happening to the people who work to bring it to you. You certainly won’t see us shying away from any of that bad news. Lucky for us, though, there’s also plenty of good news about food. Americans all over this country are working to bring us better meals. Let’s celebrate them! If there are things to avoid, then there are delicious alternatives, too. Let’s try them together!