Tips for Clam Digging

Learn MOTHER's tips for clam digging, including when to harvest clams, legal info on clam digging, where to dig clams and foraging for mussels.

| November/December 1977

These helpful tips for clam digging makes foraging for clams fun and easy.

Clam and Mussel Recipes

Cooking Clams Recipe
Clam Chowder Recipe
Mussels Newburg Recipe

Tips for Clam Digging

You needn't incur the complications and expense of sport fishing to enjoy a year-round supply of fresh seafood . . . not if you live near a coast and you're onto George Emlen's "secret"!

One of the nicest things about living here on the Maine coast — or on any coast, for that matter — is that you can enjoy fresh seafood of one sort or another year round. And precious few sources of protein are as inexpensive and abundant (or as free of hormones, curing agents, dyes, etc.) as ocean-fresh seafood.

Of course — as you know if you've ever lived near a fishing community — you don't necessarily harvest all this bounty just any old time you please. In my neck of the woods smelts are a winter catch, alewives are something you go after in the late spring, mackerel become prime prey for the shore forager only in the summertime . . . and the season for any one of these three finfish doesn't really last long. It's much the same story with the crustaceans and mollusks: Lobsters are most plentiful here in Maine during the fall and scallops in the winter.

Ah, but there's more than mackerel and lobsters in the sea. The humble soft-shell clam, for instance, can be dug and eaten fresh any time of the year. And, perhaps best of all, you can do that diggin' yourself . . . with little or no special equipment . . . and with no prior experience at all!

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