September Ahoy!

Reader Contribution by Sue Van Slooten
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Summer greetings to everyone, I hope we can all stay cool in the heat we’ve been experiencing. I’m beginning to look ahead, to September when the temperatures will hopefully be cooler. At least, it gives me something to look forward to. We’re expected to have yet another heat wave in my area starting tomorrow, not that it’s cool now, but this promises to be scorching. During the last heat wave, a lady down in Southern Ontario actually took a frying pan, put in on top of her minivan, and fried an egg in it.You know that’s hot.

September of course will be featuring the new Homesteading Education Month, and of course, I’m going to participate. I’m holding a baking class, Basic Bread, as I call it on the 15th. Hopefully a couple of you will turn out.You can email me at for details. It is astounding the number of folks who have listed events for this month, and demonstrates a true plethora of expertise out there. We should take advantage of that expertise. Many people, myself included, have spent good parts of their lifetimes honing or learning their skills, and most of us I bet would love to “strut our stuff.”

We all continue to learn, by the way. The last batch of bread I made for example, didn’t turn out.It needed more baking time.So, I correct, will add about 5 minutes for this particular bread, and move on. That’s learning from what wasn’t a success. But it will be next time. Granted I wasn’t too happy about it, but when you experiment a lot, you have to expect a couple of failures once in a while.

So with the advent of September, when the kids all go back to school, let us keep in mind that we need to continue to update our skillsets as well, in food and any other area of endeavor. For example, my son, soon to be 18 (I don’t remember where all those years went) will be a senior, studying physics, math, and all those things I never did very well at. He has to apply to various institutions of higher learning, primarily (his dream), the Coast Guard Academy.(I’m currently questioning of course, the quality of bread on board the tall ship he’s currently serving on.) So as our kids learn, so we need to as well.In my case, I’m always reading cookbooks, studying Italian (the language of food), brief forays into Japanese (variety is the spice of life), and love downloading more recipes on my iPad. So many recipes, so little time.

So while it may be a bit too hot to bake (I still find and take advantage of the odd cool couple of hours to sneak something in), grab a good book on baking, cooking, gardening, bird house building, or whatever strikes your fancy. I have one in the stack on pruning, of all things. Start now, while it’s too hot to really do anything too strenuous out there (speaking from experience here), or, put it in the “September pile,” for all the adventures to be learned out there.