Photo of the Week: What Are You Baking?

Reader Contribution by Aaron Harris
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Its lunchtime at MOTHER EARTH NEWS, and I’ll have to admit, my hunger biased my choice of this week’s “Photo of the Week.”

Don’t get me wrong. This picture is still worthy of notice. The photographer did something that I still have issues doing: They photographed food. And the biscuits look so good.

The depth of focus on this photo is great. The sharpness is amazing — you can see the texture of the biscuits and can imagine how they’d feel as you picked one up and started eating. With regard to contrast, the photographer picked a nice dark background on which to display these floury delights. They stand out from the platter nicely; you can even see crumbs in the right corner.

So, are you hungry yet? I know I am. I’m not much of a holiday person, but the winter holidays get me excited. Not for the gifts, not for the music (especially not the music), not even for the decorations. Nope. My holiday delight is due to all the baked goodies.

I get to make my family’s applesauce cake. More importantly, I am able to try everyone else’s holiday inventions. Don’t judge; it’s the time of sharing, right?

I’m not going to just tease your taste buds with all this talk about food. That would just be mean and rude. Instead, I would like to direct you to some great recipes.

I came across a gem from 1980 recently. Cranberry nut bread sounds really good to me and fitting for this time of year. There is no sugar in this sweet recipe; it instead uses orange juice and honey for the natural sweetness. Well, that and the cranberries of course.

For those who want to eat healthier and are a bit afraid during the holiday season, fear not: There are healthy choices. In 2007, Aubrey Vaughn compiled several healthy recipes from various cookbooks. These recipes are sure to be a great addition to your family’s holiday dinner.

One of the recipes I’m personally most excited to try out is a gingerbread cake from Anne Vassal. I already said that I have my own applesauce cake, but a gingerbread cake — c’mon, tell me that doesn’t sound good! Also, I have never heard of cooking with coffee and I’m really curious about how it will work out.

You have the recipes. Now have a good time this holiday season trying out a few. Be sure to take pictures and share them with the CU community.

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