For Thanksgiving Weekend: Mixed Greens Salad

Make sure you get some fiber while you're feasting over the Thanksgiving weekend. May we suggest our mixed greens salad?

| October/November 1998

Even though Thanksgiving dinner calls to mind cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and a vast platter groaning under the weight of a browned, aromatic turkey (and Thanksgiving weekend calls to mind mounds of leftovers), don't neglect your roughage. Nothing fancy here. A colorful mixed greens salad will do nicely, and shouldn't pose too much of a challenge even for rank beginners.

Likewise, making salad dressing is so easy there's no need to buy the bottled stuff ... unless you just don’t want to take the time.

Suggested Greens:

iceberg lettuce
romaine lettuce
mesclun mix
red oak lettuce
red leaf lettuce
baby spinach leaves

red onion, thinly sliced
seedless cucumbers, cut into match sticks.
strawberries, sliced
orange wedges 

Pick out a mixture of greens: mesclun mix, red oak and red leaf lettuces, baby spinach leaves, arugula, etc. Allow about one cup or so per person. Rinse the greens in a colander the same day that you plan to use them. Tear large leaves into pieces 2 " or 3 " long. Wrap in a non-terrycloth towel, put into a plastic bag, and refrigerate until it's time to toss. Make sure the greens are dry, or the dressing won't stick to the lettuce.

No problem if you don't own a bowl big enough for tossing; use a clean plastic shopping or garbage bag, Gently toss the salad in the bag or toss the salad with your hands.

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