A Simple Way to Make Fish Delicious

Reader Contribution by Dede Ryan
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The heavy turkey and stuffing and ham and creamed potatoes were wonderful, but for the New Year I’m ready for something lighter and more healthful. One of my go-to meals is based on the terrific fresh or frozen fish fillets available at most grocery stores. These are definitely not the “fish sticks” we chipped away at every Friday night in my childhood.

Salmon, cod, flounder. It doesn’t really matter which variety you prefer. Each can be improved and made moist and yummy with one, simple ingredient: sliced lemons.

And I don’t mean squeezed into a sauce, or sliced in wedges as a plate garnish.

Thinly slice the lemons and after using your favorite dry rub, sea salt and cracked pepper on the fish fillets, place the lemon slices on top before baking them in the oven. That’s all. For the photos in this recipe, I had the luxury of picking fresh Meyer lemons off of the plant that’s living in my office until spring. But any lemon will help you kick-up the taste of your dish.

You can read more at Dede Ryan’s website. And happy eating with MOTHER EARTH NEWS in 2015!

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