Green Tomato Relish Recipe

| 10/9/2009 12:51:03 PM

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If you are looking for a great recipe for green tomatoes at the end of the garden season, may I suggest trying green tomato relish? Green tomato relish was the first thing I canned as a young wife and mother. My minister’s wife, Marie Beck, taught me how to make it, and I still have the recipe card she wrote for me more than 30 years ago. It only requires a few ingredients, is easy to make, and is delicious served with roasted pork or on hot dogs. Yields about 7 pints.

green tomatoes on vine

25 medium or 35 small green tomatoes
3 medium green bell peppers
2 medium sweet red peppers
3 medium onions
4 tbsp pickling salt
4 cups sugar
3 cups white vinegar
3 tbsp mustard seed
3 tbsp celery seed



1. Chop, process or grind all vegetables into a fine dice, then cover with the pickling salt and stir to coat. Let the mixture stand for 3 hours, then drain well.

1/10/2014 12:52:32 PM

With the green tomato relish, as with most any pickle recipe, I never know exactly what to do after that first step. Do I rinse the salt off the pickles-to-be before adding them in the vinegar solution? Seldom ever does a recipe specify rinse or no after the salting down process.

10/13/2010 5:24:42 PM

Can't wait to try this relish! But I see the recipe is for pint jars...can I use the same recipe for smaller jars? Does changing the jar size mean you need to alter the processing time?

chevy morrison
10/5/2010 12:18:53 AM

used to love getting your magazines but nobody in this area carries them anymore.

7/26/2010 7:20:32 PM

does anyone have a recipe for a green tomatoe realish that is not sweet? I am diabete and would relly love to have the recipe.

7/11/2010 8:29:48 PM

I tried this recipe last year Fall 2009. My husband and I also made zucchini relish. Last year we had lots of zucchini and green tomatoes. We both prefer the green tomato relish or the zucchini relish or any other type now. This is the BEST. So easy to make. WE are almost out from last year, we are ready this year to make a bigger batch and give away for gifts. You can also mix a little of this relish with cream cheese and serve on crackers.

lisa d.
10/23/2009 1:11:35 PM

This sounds like a great recipe. It's sad that I'll have to wait until next year to try it. I pickled our green tomatoes yesterday.

lisa d.
10/23/2009 1:11:28 PM

This sounds like a great recipe. It's sad that I'll have to wait until next year to try it. I pickled our green tomatoes yesterday.

log lover lady
10/23/2009 8:40:23 AM

This is the same relish I have been making since the late 50's. Where I originally came from, New Hampshire, this was called Lyndeborough [for the town we lived in ] Relish. It's the best relish for hamburgers, veggieburgers and anything else you want to put it on. Our sons used to eat it right out of the jar. Now that they make their own I only have to make one or two batches a year. Try it, it's GOOD!

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