All About Fresh Fruit Butters

| 8/22/2014 10:52:00 AM

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Fruit butters

I love fruit butters. They are easy to make, in fact – they are almost foolproof. They allow for a little more creativity than many soft spread recipes. There is no worry about reaching the gelling point. If half way through the cooking process I decide to run an errand, I can just turn off the burner, cover the cooking fruit and pick up where I left off in an hour or so with no ill effects.

That said, there are a few considerations when making fruit butters:

They can take a long time to cook, up to an hour or more.
They must be stirred often to prevent scorching.

Some things are worth the time though. Fruit butter is one of those things.

What is Fruit Butter?

8/5/2015 11:18:30 PM

I use a steam juicer to remove most of the juice then I run the remains through a mill to remove the seeds and skins. I make mostly apple/blackberry. I seal some in glass jars and freeze some in ice cream containers. It allows me to have fresh fruit smoothies all winter. I do not add sugar but I grow stevia and I add some of the leaves while steaming.

7/6/2015 10:00:20 AM

I read that canning pumpkin, squash, etc, is not a good idea because it is too thick and won't heat evenly. However, I have successfully canned it with my pressure canner just fine. Caution with sterile jars, etc. are important. I'm trying to find out if using a pressure canner to can jam made with chia, fruit, and stevia or no sweetener can be done. I don't like using a water bath canner. Too much wasted water, too heavy and messy. Anyone?

3/29/2015 8:54:17 AM

Why can't the pumpkin or squash butters be canned ? I canned almost 100 pints of pumpkin purée last season with my pressure canner from a recipe that I found in one of my great grandmothers old cookbooks and it is doing fine , have used it all season long for pies and breads and cookies ! It is so much better than that stuff you buy in a can from the store and saved my freezer space for other stuff !you pressure cook pumpkin and squash the same way , pack jars while mixture is hot and seal with the lid and rings , place in pressure canner and pressure at ten lbs of pressure for pints : 55 minutes , quarts for 90 minutes , and it works like a charm for me ! Even used my GRANDFATHERS pressure canner to do all my canning with !

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