Check Out ‘GMO OMG,’ a Film on Genetic Engineering

Jeremy Seifert’s new documentary film “GMO OMG” provides a solid introduction to those new to the issues surrounding genetically modified food.

| February/March 2015


Watch this documentary film, "GMO OMG," to get new insights into the widespread genetic modification of our food supply.

Illustration courtesy GMO OMG Film

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) pose many concerns, from the dangerous pesticides and herbicides used to grow them to the genetic contamination of non-GMO crops. These days, though, much misinformation is circulating about GMOs, in part because of the marketing messages from the chemical companies that produce these kinds of seeds, and also because of people on both sides of the debate making claims that haven’t been proven. The public needs more education about this complex topic, and one place to start is filmmaker Jeremy Seifert’s 2013 documentary film GMO OMG.

Seifert starts filming with limited knowledge about GMOs, and then takes viewers on a journey as he and his family investigate multiple facets of genetically altering our seeds and food. At times lighthearted and at times starkly revealing, GMO OMG provides insights and interviews from multiple perspectives — from those of farmers to philosophers — about one of our food system’s most hotly debated topics.

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