Edible Weeds You Can Forage From Your Yard

Don't toss those weeds on the compost heap - six common weeds that you can eat.

| July/August 1976

Ever since the late Euell Gibbons' first book—Stalking the Wild Asparagus—came off the press in 1962, more and more people have taken to the backwoods to forage everything from Jerusalem artichokes to wild wintergreen. Surprisingly enough, however, it's not at all necessary to hike hither and yon to start reaping nature's bountiful harvest of volunteer vegetables. Fact is, you needn't took further than your own backyard (in most cases) to find plenty of free eats.

I was made aware of this simple truth one day when—after hours of hoeing and pulling—I hauled a wheelbarrow full of stout, leafy weeds away from my garden.

"Hey there!" my Latvian-born neighbor called from his yard. "Where're you going with all those plants?"

"To the trash bin."

"But that whole barrow load is good to eat!" the man declared. "

Good to eat ?"

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