Cooking With Dried Foods

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Photo by Fotolia/nito
You'll find tomatoes are among the best dried foods.

Most dried vegetables can be quickly and easily rehydrated in soups or by including a bit more water in recipes such as zucchini bread. For great additions to stir-fry and pasta dishes, you also can rehydrate vegetables by soaking them in water for 10 minutes to an hour.

You can mix dried fruits with things such as hot cereal, muesli or granola to add sweetness and nutrients. They also can be blended with seeds, nuts and grains to make wholesome energy bars. Solar dried tomatoes taste sweet and are delicious when eaten plain, marinated in olive oil and garlic, or made into a tomato pesto.

Many dried foods are excellent when eaten as they are. In fact, drying can improve the flavor of some foods. Bananas are fantastic fruits, but dried bananas are heavenly. A Roma tomato is almost too bland to eat fresh, but when dried, it’s a treat your taste buds will savor. Watery Asian pears are sometimes a little disappointing, but when dried, they are among the finest treats on Earth.

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