Cream Cheese and Peperoncini Roll-Ups Recipe

Reader Contribution by Monica Sharrock
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A coworker of mine recently brought these delicious roll ups to a holiday party; I was immediately hooked. Savory and satisfying, these Cream Cheese and Peperoncini Roll Ups will please the pickiest of palettes. Thinly sliced salami provides a protein-packed base for soft cream cheese and tangy peperoncini. Rolled up and adorned with a simple green olive, it is as visually pleasing as it is delicious. If you have jars of preserved banana peppers from your summer garden, this is a great recipe to make use of them.


• 1 lb. thinly sliced salami
• 16 oz. spreadable cream cheese
• 1 cup thinly sliced peperoncini (banana peppers)
• Green olives, for garnishing

*Homegrown or USDA Organic ingredients are recommended to avoid ingesting harmful pesticides.


1. Simply place one slice of salami on a plate and spread a generous amount of cream cheese down its center.

2. Add several peperoncini slices. This is going to be the bulk of your roll up, so be sure to add enough cream cheese and peperoncini to make it substantial.

3. Starting from the right side of the salami, roll it up until the ends meet.

4. Stick an olive on the end of a toothpick and secure the roll up.

5. Repeat this process until all of the salami slices are rolled up. If you use peperoncini from a jar, drizzling a bit of the liquid over the tops of the roll ups adds a fantastic tang. Enjoy!

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