Banana Sesame Chews Recipe

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Adults and kids alike are sure to enjoy these fruity little snacks, which makes them a great thing to have around!
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  • 6 ripe, raw, undried bananas (3-1/2 cups pureed)
  • 3/4 cup raw sesame seeds (brown or white)


    • Grind raw sesame seeds into a flour-like consistency in a food processor. This may take some time, and they will not break down completely. Remove to a bowl for later. Puree the bananas in the processor until they are smooth. Add the ground sesame seeds and blend well.
    • Spread the mixture on a cookie sheet. Be sure to use either a stainless steel, glass or nonstick Teflon cookie sheet so that you will be able to peel it off later. You can also use Teflon-coated plastic sheets placed on any ordinary cookie sheet.
    • Spread in a square about 1/4-inch thick (about a 13-inch square). Place in the dryer and leave until the mixture sets enough to slice into 2-inch squares. This usually takes half of a sunny day in Hawaii. Do not dry completely on the cookie sheet as the mixture will stick, and it will be very hard to remove.
    • Use a spatula to remove the squares from the cookie sheet and place directly on the dryer screen to finish drying (putting the previously exposed side down on the screen). Dry until chewy and store in the refrigerator. Often this whole process could be completed in one day of full sun. The sesame seeds make this a calcium rich snack for young and old.
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     The Solar Food Dryer and Published by New Society Publishers.

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