Learn About Vegetables That Keep With Gardening Expert Barbara Pleasant

Reader Contribution by Jennifer Black

Attendees at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR got firsthand advice on which vegetables to grow. At her presentation, award winning gardener and writer, Barbara Pleasant, explains how she created a list of vegetables that keep. She details that it depends highly on regional conditions when choosing the right crop for your homestead, but she also questions gardeners on four other factors. How easily does it grow? How much do you and your family like to eat it? How easy is it to store? Finally she requested that gardeners rate the crop in terms of time and space. From these questions she wrote a list of crops with the greatest productivity. This clip is from the lecture she gave at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR held in Seven Springs, Pa Sept. 21 to 23, 2012. At the top of the list she highlights garlic. She goes into types of garlic and explains the best time to plant and harvest this easy crop. For more information on the most favorable and easy crops for your garden make sure to visit the full article 20 Crops That Keep for more information on which vegetables to grow.

Barbara Pleasant has written several books on organic gardening, including The Complete Compost Gardening Guide, Starter Vegetable Gardens, The Gardener’s Guide to Plant Disease, and more.