Store Root Vegetables This Winter

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If you still have some root vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips
or beets, in your garden, here are a few tips for storing them
through the winter.

  • If you mulch heavily to prevent the ground beneath the mulch
    from freezing, you’ll be able to leave your root crops in the
    ground to overwinter.
  • If you’d rather dig them up as you need them through the
    winter, just cover the area with a waterproof cover that will help
    prevent moisture from causing the ground to freeze.
  • You can also try burying a container, such as a cooler, in the
    ground before it freezes. Then pack your root veggies into the
    container with sand or straw, and pull them out as you need them
    for cooking.
  • Another option is to keep them in a cold corner of your garage
    or shed. A little frost can actually make them sweeter, as starches
    convert to sugar, but don’t let them freeze completely.
  • When looking for spots to store your root vegetables this
    winter, just experiment. Find any place! These crops are remarkably
    tolerant of cold. They’ll even stay fresh in the refrigerator for a
    very long time.