What to Plant Now: Southern Interior Gardening Region

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What to Plant Now:
Southern Interior

Not sure what seeds you could be starting right now, or which transplants need to be set outside this season? Our regional planting guides take the guesswork out of garden planning! Click on the current month below to find out which garden plants need your attention right now.


Don’t live in the Southern Interior? Find garden planning information for your area. 

For planting times specific to your zip code, check out the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Vegetable Garden Planner. 

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Regional Gardening Resources 

Tennessee Organic Growers Association 

Georgia Organics 

Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network 

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association 

Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association 

Beneficial Insects, Texas A&M University 

Organic Vegetable Gardening, PDF from LSU 

Louisiana Organics (ATTRA) 

Vegetable Gardening in Mississippi, Mississippi State University 

Growing Vegetables Organically, University of Georgia 

Organic Lifestyles, Texas A&M University 

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