Can I Plant Potatoes in November?

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We live in Zone 9. Can we plant potatoes in November?  

Well, it’s too late this year for you to get some types of potatoes in the ground, but it’s definitely not too late to start thinking about a great fall crop of tasty tubers. Lucky for you, in your region, you can plant some late-maturing potato varieties in early summer, for a fall harvest of potatoes. And next season, you’ll want to plant early potato varieties and midseason potato varieties a few weeks before your last spring frost date. In your area, the average last spring frost is around the end of December, so you should be able to plant potatoes at the very end of November or beginning of December. Here are a few varieties to try: 

Early Potatoes:Mature in less than 90 days. ‘Irish Cobbler,’ ‘Caribe,’ ‘Red Norland,’ ‘King Harry‘ 

Midseason Potatoes: Mature in about 100 days. ‘Yukon Gold,’ ‘Red LaSoda,’ (great for warm climates)

Late Potatoes:Mature in 110 days or more. ‘Butte’ (best in the Midwest), ‘Katahdin,’ ‘Kennebec’ (both great in the Northeast), various fingerling potatoes

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— Tabitha Alterman, senior associate editor